About us

Business Solutions At Their Best

Resources, knowledge, skills and expertise – this is how Altman Business Solutions ensures that every system we deploy, every integration project we undertake, every custom-made solution we develop, and every service that we provide, is a success!

Knowing that each client has unique requirements, we collaborate with our clients and tailor the solution to meet their individual needs. We start by ‘architecting’ the solution, and then advising our clients on the best technology choices, so that in the end, they achieve their overall business strategies.

No matter how complex the requirement, whether it’s a single application or an integrated enterprise wide system; whether it is a traditional back office application or one that encompasses front-office and full e-Commerce capabilities, we plan extensively up-front to ensure that we deliver in a quick, secure and budget controlled environment.

Each step of the project is carefully monitored to ensure rapid transfer of knowledge and to minimize any disruption to our clients day-to-day operations.